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Jesse Gillis

Associate Professor 

Stanley Institute for Cognitive Genomics

Jesse Gillis completed his undergraduate in Biophysics (2001) at the University of Toronto, where he also received his PhD in Neuroscience (2007), working with Frances Skinner. His post-doctoral training was with Paul Pavlidis at the University of British Columbia at the Centre for High-throughput Biology. There, he focused on meta-analysis of expression data, and particularly co-expression analysis, which infers functionality between genes based on shared expression profiles, a form of network analysis. It was during his post-doctoral training that he became more broadly interested in network-based methods for interrogating gene function and problems associated with genes of high prior probability (multifunctionality) and robustness as well as overfitting.  Jesse joined CSHL in 2012 with a central focus on improving network analysis for better characterization of neuropsychiatric data. Lately, the lab has extended its interest in network analysis to co-expression within single cell RNA-seq.

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